Percussion Driven


Dutch artist Julie is making a broader name for herself after successful performances at Draaimolen-events and a closing set in Tresor (Berlin), and radio shows like HÖR (Berlin) and Radio Radio in Amsterdam where she can be heard on a more regular basis during her residency. With her deep, hypnotic, percussion-driven techno on both vinyl and CDJ she is steadily getting on the radar of the bigger audience, nationally and internationally.

Playing piano from an early age, Julie has honed her ear for the musicality and cadence that are so evident in each of her sets today. She shared the bill with the likes of Oscar Mulero, Donato Dozzy, Dasha Rush and Herrensauna owners CEM and MCMLXXXV, effortlessly submerging the listener into a state of enchantment and hypnosis, while always keeping it surprising.


Julie can be heard every third Wednesday of the month between 21:00 and 22:00 at her residency base Radio Radio in Amsterdam.