Turkish Influences
Witch House


Dutch-Turkish artist Okitap gravitated towards music at an early age through the collection of Gabber recordings taped off a pirate radio station by his dad. Soon he would discover Thunderdome series which laid the foundation for his affinity with heavier strains of music, mostly revolving around industrial and techno. Following 10 years of music production, he discovered Witch House, a niche genre characterized by dark obscure aesthetics that helped define his style today and inspired his releases on labels such as New York Haunted, Oramics, and one of the biggest Witch House platforms, Night Terrors.

Always evolving his style and on the lookout for a unique blend of eclectic aggression, Okitap is now exploring his Turkish roots through his music. Inspired by artists as Nene H and Parrish Smith he works on a personal sound, aiming to bring a new experience to Turkish music for his audience, for instance by including Turkish vocals. A future live show based on this background is certainly not inconceivable.